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Open Source Clustering mit OpenTeracotta (6. September 2007) | Print |
Written by Heiko Sippel   
Wednesday, 15 August 2007 02:00
In this session we show you how you can get Network-Attached Memory as an appliances-like infrastructure service through Terracotta's JVM-level clustering technology. You will learn what Network-Attached Memory is, how it works and how Terracotta can simplify the task of clustering an enterprise application immensely by effectively clustering the JVM underneath the application instead of clustering the application itself.

JVM-level clustering can turn single-node, multi-threaded apps into distributed, multi-node apps, often with no code changes. This is possible by plugging in to the Java Memory Model in order to maintain key Java semantics of pass-by-reference, thread coordination and garbage collection across the cluster. Terracotta enables this using only declarative configuration with minimal impact to existing code and provides fine-grained field-level replication which means your objects no longer need to implement Java serialization. This session will show how it works and how you can start clustering your POJO-based Web applications (based on Spring, Struts, Wicket, RIFE, EHCache, Quartz, Lucene, DWR, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty or Geronimo etc.).

The Speaker: Jonas Bonér

Jonas is working at Terracotta Inc. with a focus on strategy, product development & architecture and technical evangelism. If Prior to Terracotta, Jonas was a senior software engineer at the JRockit team at BEA Systems, where he was working on runtime tools, JVM support for AOP and technology evangelism.

He is a committer to Terracotta DSO, the founder of the AspectWerkz AOP framework and has been a committer to the Eclipse AspectJ 5 project and various other Open Source projects. Jonas is a frequent speaker on AOP, JVM-level clustering and other emerging technologies (JavaOne, TSSJS, TSE, JAOO, eWorld, JavaZone, Javapolis, AOSD conferences etc.). For more info, see his blog:

Jonas Bonér